Thursday, November 18, 2010

Journal of Religion, Conflict, & Peace

The Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace is available online. From the About page:

The Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace addresses both the problem of religion and conflict and the possibility and practices of peace, giving particular attention to peace. Articles address everything from interpersonal relationships to international politics and draw from any discipline or combination of disciplines that can illuminate the journal's central concerns. While the journal’s first audience is scholars, its aim is to be relevant and accessible to peace practitioners and anyone else concerned about these themes.

The journal is a publication of Plowshares: a peace studies collaborative of Earlham, Goshen, and Manchester Colleges. It is shaped by, but not confined to, the perspectives of the three historic peace churches-Society of Friends, the Mennonite Church, and the Church of the Brethren-associated with the colleges that compose the collaborative.

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