Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Faith beyond Borders -- Adv Today Review

My review of Faith beyond Borders is now posted at Adventist Today. Though this statement does not appear in said review: I loved this book. Read it, yo.

Art Gish, a life-long peace activist who died this past summer, once quipped, “Anyone can be a young radical. Where are the old radicals?”[1] Now well beyond retirement age, Don Mosley is likely the kind of old radical Gish wanted to find. As a co-founder of Habitat for Humanity (1976) and Jubilee Partners (1979), Mosley has traveled the world to serve humanity in the name of Jesus. Among other adventures, he has stared down the barrel of a gun in Egypt, protested the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in the U.S. (formerly School of the Americas), protected civilians as a co-leader of a joint Fellowship of Reconciliation/Witness for Peace delegation in Nicaragua, worked on two Israeli kibbutz, and illegally transported large shipments of medical supplies into Iraq for children affected by war and the trade embargo.

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