Monday, August 02, 2010

Peace Among the Peoples

Before the Peace Among the Peoples conference began, Christian Peace Witness (CPW) members spent a day worshiping and discussing where CPW has come and where it needs to go. As the Adventist Peace Fellowship representative, I appreciated the chance to search for the "things that make for peace" with people from diverse Christian faith traditions. Stay tuned for more from CPW.

At the conference hosted by AMBS, I was encouraged and challenged by the stories brought by Jarrod McKenna. A few links:Other presenters that really spoke to me personally: Mary Jo Leddy (Romero House), Rita Nakashima Brock (Saving Paradise), Glen Stassen (Just Peacemaking), Brian McLaren (A New Kind of Christianity), and Paul Alexander (Peace to War). Also noteworthy were strong words spoken by Stanley Hauerwas and Linda Gehman Peachey. I wish I had a recording of the final sermon by Andre Gingerich Stoner.

Comic relief was offered by Ted and Co.--I'd Like to Buy an Enemy.

After the last session, a number of the younger attendees had a post-conference shindig at the apartment of the couple primarily responsible for Jesus Radicals. Unfortunately, the Quaker seminarians had already left campus to head home.

Bonus points to the person who can name the theologian pictured on the middle t-shirt in the front row:
(Picture used by permission. Taken from Jarrod McKenna's FB album.)


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