Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CPT -- Palestine

Yesterday, David, my professor in Mission & Peace, told about an experience he had while working with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Palestine (Gaza or West Bank?). On the way to a Palestinian family's home for dinner, he noticed two piles of rubble. At dinner with the host family, the father introduced his son as his little terrorist weapon. David was confused so the man told the story.

The piles of rubble were their family's previous homes, which had been flattened by the Israeli army. In the middle of the night the army showed up with bulldozers and told the family they had 15 minutes to get out. After the military razed the house, the father took his young boy to a soldier and told him to take the boy since the father no longer had a place to shelter him. I presume it was done with a bit of emotion, and he was arrested for attacking the soldier with a weapon--his son.

Two videos on Palestine:
  • CPT (I can't find the video I want now. These are available from '05.)
  • 60 Mins

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