Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Care Reform -- U.S. Style

Health care is in the news as both houses of Congress are working on ideas.

Previously, I have written these posts on the topic here and at another blog:
Now I direct your attention to a few newer articles by variety of authors:
And some older articles:


*PrairieGirl* said...

jeff, this is awesome:
"If Republicans don't think being uninsured is a big deal, then they should go right ahead and try it out.

And if they really believe a public plan is such a bad option, maybe they can persuade their parents to give up Medicare too."

in our office yesterday, we were talking about how out of touch most members of congress are. we think that they should have to work for a year at a minimum wage job and see how easy it is making a living at burger king or walmart, often with no insurance coverage. only then can they make policy.


Jeff said...

Nice idea!