Sunday, March 01, 2009

Simply Christian, Part 4

This will be the last look at Wright's teachings on justice in Simply Christian. I definitely encourage JPJJ readers to spend some time in this work as it covers many other important issues (okay, justice isn't the only topic worth studying) in a non-aggressive or didactic manner, including relationships, spirituality and beauty. The intersection of heaven and earth is a well-developed theme that deserves significant reflection.

I do wish he used more end-notes to substantiate his claims (for example, like Rob Bell's style), as I disagreed with some of his remarks outright but couldn't consider his sources, biblical or otherwise.

Exerpts from Justice Revisted (p. 225 - 228)

But to get from that longing and demand to anything that approaches God's intended justice, we must go by a route very different from the one which the world normally expects and even demands. The majority language of the world in this respect is violence (p. 225).
On the Cross the living God took the fury and violence of the world onto himself, suffering massive injustice--the biblical stories are careful to highlight this--and yet refusing to lash out with threats or curses.... Jesus's resurrection is the beginning of a world in which a new type of justice is possible (p. 226).
To work for a healing, restorative justice--whether in individual relationships, in international relations, or anywhere in between--is therefore a primary Christian calling. It determines one whole sphere of Christian behavior. Violence and personal vengeance are ruled out, as the New Testament makes abundantly clear. Every Christian is called to work, at every level of life, for a world in which reconciliation and restoration are put into practice, and so to anticipate that day when God will indeed put everything to rights (p 226).

Our Father, give me the strength to not resort to violent words or actions when I feel defensive. Open my heart to love and to forgive no matter the circumstances.

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