Monday, December 22, 2008

Department of Peace

In 2006 I posted this short article about the Department of Peace. Then today I received this email:

Thank you Jeff for posting a link supporting the Department of Peace bill in Congress.

Just FYI, there is a website that is holding an online event through Jan 15th calling for the "Ideas For Change in America." The idea to "Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Nonviolence" is in the category of other and currently in first place.

We need your help retaining that position all the way till Jan 15th. This idea will be given to President Obama, and be featured on networks like MySpace helping it reach millions of people. I am requesting your support in anticipation of the upcoming 10 day run off.

"Our planet, our media , our social interactions, our homes all suffer from the epidemic of inter-personal violence and warfare that plagues America. With the establishment of a Department of Peace and Non-Violence, with a respected Secretary of Peace in the President's Cabinet, and a program to reduce violence in cities, nations, and even in our homes, we will all benefit from the growth of a culture of peace ."

Would you be willing to quickly vote for this idea and share the link below in an email to your networks, mailing lists, friends, groups you know, blog it, bulletin it or just post the widgety thing on your website??

I really appreciate your attention to my request and truly honor the peace work all of us are doing! Keep up the great peace work!

With Appreciation,
Ana Campos
South Florida State Organizer
U.S. Campaign for a Department of Peace and Nonviolence
Phone: (954) 793-3279

National Website:
Florida Photo Album:


U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence Campaign - Florida Division said...

Thank you Jeff! :)


Jeff said...

I hope this movement gains momentum in this period of governmental transition. May PJJ readers make their voices and opinions known.

Peace, Jeff