Friday, December 19, 2008

Conscientious Objectors in Israel

Sojourners has been highlighting the plight of non-combatant youth in Israel recently:

Support Israeli Conscientious Objectors — Free the Shministim (Howard Zinn 12-03-2008)

Israeli Intelligence Official’s Daughter Jailed for Refusing Military Service (Omer Goldman 12-16-2008)

"My name is Omer Goldman. I am 19 years old. I am one of the Shministim. I need your help.

"I first went to prison on September 23 and served 35 days. I am lucky; after two times in jail, I got a medical discharge, but I’m the only one. By the time you read this, many of my friends will be in prison too: in for three weeks, out for one, and then back in, over and over, until they are 21. The reason? We refuse to do military service for the Israeli army because of the occupation."

Read those articles for ways to get involved.

What do I believe in strong enough to go to jail for?

Power to the peaceful.

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