Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waterboarding Origins

Peace Messenger, which is published by Adventist Peace Fellowship, ran a story on November 29 about the origins of waterboarding--Waterboarding and the Inquisition. Here's an excerpt:

Torture has many forms, but torture by water as it arose in the Roman Catholic and Protestant reformations seemingly drew some of its power and inspiration from theological convictions about repentance and salvation. It was, we must now surely say, a horrific inversion of the best spirit of Christian faith and symbolism....


*PrairieGirl* said...

thanks for the link to that article, jeff. very interesting.

my husband and i are always commenting on how this war on "terror" smacks of the inquisition...history does repeat herself, no?

*PrairieGirl* said...'s me, dana (i forget that's not on my profile name!) =)

Jeff said...

I don't know how many times I've heard in my life, "We should study history so we won't repeat mistakes." Yet I don't see us learning much of anything. We just repeat and repeat and repeat.