Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saudi Justice

Some people have asked me why missionaries are still needed today. Here's one reason: The more people who follow God's teachings, the better the world will be. The God of the universe demands justice, and this Saudi ruling isn't it. God's truth needs to be brought to the rapists and the legal system--personal and structural evil.

But maybe the victim is the one who needs missionaries the most. Someone to come along side and say, "I care about you, and God cares about you. God is against the legal system that punished you. God is against the actions of the perpetrators. God has a better future for you, and He wants us to work together to make this life better right now. And mysteriously, God is at work even in the lives of the rapists, to win their hearts with love too." That is good news. That is the gospel.

Saudis Defend Punishment for Rape Victim (AP/Google News, 21 Nov '07)

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