Monday, January 15, 2007

PERSON: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate the man and his mission--Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am frustrated that we honor him with a holiday, but we deny him with our "War on Terror" tactics. If only we would follow his enlightened example.

King's work unfinished, Atlanta mayor says
She cites racial problems; President Bush stresses helping others
(, 15 Jan 07)

ATLANTA - From the pulpit of the church where Martin Luther King Jr. once was pastor, Atlanta’s mayor reminded the congregation Monday that his work for peace and justice remains unfinished.

Mayor Shirley Franklin admonished congregants at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church not to pay tribute to King’s dream on his birthday, observed as a national holiday Monday, and then contradict it the next.

“Millions can’t find jobs, have no health insurance and struggle to make ends meet, working minimum wage jobs. What’s going on?” she said, repeating a refrain from soul singer Marvin Gaye.

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