Friday, September 22, 2006

NEWS: Canadian Shipped to Syria by U.S. to be Tortured

It seems so obvious: if terror is so bad that we need a war on it, then maybe we shouldn't use terror in the form of torturing suspected individuals. Animal Farm.

Canadian Falsely Accused Of Terrorism
Panel Faults Canada, U.S. For Torture Of Software Engineer In Syria

(CBS News, 19 Sept '06)

"A software engineer falsely accused of being a terrorist by Canadian police was shipped to Syria by the United States, where he was imprisoned and tortured, according to a Canadian commission.

"The 2 1/2-year commission of inquiry into the case of Syrian-born Maher Arar exonerated him of all suspicion of terrorist activity and urged the Canadian government to pay compensation.

"They arrested me. They never told me what they had against me," Arar tells CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian. "I was a disappeared person. My family did not know where I was. I knew I was sent to Syria to be tortured."


sarah said...

hey JEFF!!

i thought about only posting in afrikaans, but then i thought ... no.

so i'm not going to

my campus is the only one in jo'burg ... well gauteng really that has no amnesty intl branch, so i'm setting one up! good times. you can write articles for us. i mean, if you want to. and you will want to!

the end.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this stuff.
Sometimes it's painful, but I wouldn't know if you didn't help make it available.

your goodman. yes that is supposed to be pronounced together and very fast, "goodman"

Jeff said...

I don't have this blog set up to alert me when comments are posted, so I just found these 2 comments.

That's awesome that you're going to start an AI branch. Kudos.

Keep me up on how that goes. Of course I want to be involved!