Monday, October 03, 2005

THOUGHT: What's In My Hand?

Angela is this writer-type person that sits across from me at work. She talks about interesting things. One time Angela said that we should use what's in our hands.

I looked down and noticed that my hands looked pretty empty.

She said God, Yahweh, asked Moses what was in his hands. He had a rod. God used it to show how powerful He was, that He was in control, that He was serious about using Moses, that the simple rod was exactly what Moses needed to finish the mission God had for him. Right about when Exodus 4 rolled around, Moses must have really been weirding out.

Angela is pretty sharp. That made me think. Is this God's normal m.o.?

"Tell me, what's in your house?" Elisha asked the widow. God started with what she had, those few drops of oil (2 Kings 4). Hmm...

And then there's Jesus. He did the same thing when the crowd's collective tummy was growling. But this time there weren't any questions, just "Give them what you have."

What's in your hand? Is it enough? Can God accomplish something with what you already have? Are you already enough? Am I? Those five loaves and two fish fed the crowd. That was enough; it was even more than enough, 12 baskets more says Matthew 14.

What do I have? How is God asking me to use it?

"God, I have a blog about packing light."
"You can start one about justice, Jeff."
"Okay, God, that's in my hand."

It's a simple, humble start. That's okay. What else is in my hand?

What's in your hand?

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